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Community Solar Bill

Tell Legislators to Expand Access to Solar Energy in Maryland!

Got solar?  You can once this bill is passed, even if you can't now.  Community Solar projects allow Maryland residents to invest in community-scale solar energy projects, such as solar arrays on roofs of community centers, and then offset a portion of their electric bill from the energy generated.  These projects expand solar energy in our state, create local green jobs, open doors to solar participation to low-income citizens, renters, and those who are unable to install renewable energy on their own homes - and contribute to a cleaner and healthier Maryland.

Tell your legislator that you want to encourage more solar energy in Maryland!

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Fracking Moratorium

Tell your state legislators to protect Maryland by supporting the fracking moratorium bill!

"Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens Skyrocket Near Fracking Sites"

"The 10 Scariest Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracking"

"There's Still a Lot We Don't Know About Fracking Chemicals"

These are some of the article headlines on fracking concerns coming out of states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.  Do we want these headlines coming out of Maryland too?  The risks of fracking are so concerning that New York banned the risky process entirely.  But Maryland's moratorium on fracking expired last year, meaning that Maryland is open for fracking unless the General Assembly restores the moratorium and protects Maryland from fracking once again.  

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