Protect Maryland's Red Knot Birds

On December 9, 2014, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the Red Knot has been protected as a threatened species (read more).

Our announcement, dated June 2014, is given below. Thanks to everyone who took action!

This beautiful bird depends on horseshoe crabs for survivial. Every spring, Red Knots exploit the abundance of eggs produced when horseshoe crabs spawn in the Delaware Bay. This feeding opportunity is crucial to the birds' breeding success for that year. The bird faces extinction because horseshoe crabs are being over-harvested for use as bait.

The best way to restore the ecosystem needed by both species is to list the Red Knot under the Endangered Species Act. (Which itself needs to be protected; see Endangered Species Act Is Endangered).

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Visit the American Bird Conservancy website to learn about the Red Knot and about the Red Knots and horseshoe crabs.