Leading Sierra Club Outings

Outings in Maryland 

An excursion with the Sierra Club might include environmental research, documentation, or restoration, and usually some good exercise, and always a good time (see Get Outdoors). The Outings Calendar lists trips by purpose (such as invasive plant removal), activity (hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more), location, date, and sponsor. Note that some outings are not sponsored by the Sierra Club. Sierra Club outings require a trained outings leader, completed permission forms, and a plan, like those in our archive. Contact the Maryland Chapter or a local Group to become a trained outings leader. 

A Trained Outings Leader 

  • has completed first aid training 
  • took Outings Leadership Training 101, in person or online
  • co-led two trips with a trained outings leader

Forms Required for Outings

Some suggested outings are described below.