Get Outdoors on a Sierra Club Outing

Sierra Club outings (see Outings Calendar) are conducted by trained Sierra Club outings leaders, and are open to everyone, members or non-members. Each outing is intended to be a wholesome, safe, and enjoyable experience in the outdoors. Participants must have proper clothing, equipment, and stamina suitable to the event, and are encouraged to select activities that match their individual abilities for outdoor adventures. The Club offers a variety of outings from "easy" to "strenuous" that suit all activity levels. The difficulty of each outing is clearly designated in the announcement. Reservations are generally not required for a local outing unless noted, but the outing leader should be contacted in advance for questions about the terrain, the difficulty or duration of the trip, recommended clothing, footwear and equipment. Activities are normally held "rain or shine," but may be postponed at the leader’s discretion for safety reasons in the event of inclement weather. Potential participants are reminded that all outdoor activities carry a degree of risk, and some take place in locations where professional emergency medical aid may be two or more hours away. People with health concerns should consult a physician to determine the advisability of participating in these or similar activities. The Club outing leader is responsible for the safety of all participants, and has the final authority to decide whether or not an individual may participate on a specific outing. Sierra Club safety policy requires that helmets be worn on bicycling outings. Also, any participant must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) on outings using personal watercraft such as kayaks or canoes. Taking precautions against tick bites is always a good idea. 

Unless noted in the announcement, Club outings are intended for adults. Children and dogs are not normally permitted, unless an outing is so designated. Even on outings that are designated as child/dog friendly, please contact the leader in advance before bringing minors or pets. Minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian, or they must have both 1) a signed permission slip, and 2) the leader’s prior consent to participate in the Club outing. Dogs must be non-aggressive, well-behaved, and on a leash. Sierra Club outings officially begin and end at the trailhead, paddlecraft put-in/take-out point, or some other similar designated locality near the activity. Travel to the official starting point and back, even from an advertised meeting place, is the sole responsibility of each participant. While the Club encourages car-pooling, such arrangements are strictly between the riders and the drivers, and are not a part of the outing. Participants assume full responsibility and liability for all risks associated with such travel.

All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver, and may be asked to sign a photo release as well. Sierra Club local outings are free of charge, although payment of park entrance fees, a share of campsite rental costs, permit fees, equipment rental charges, etc. may be required from the participants. Such costs are specified in the announcement whenever possible. The Sierra Club practices "leave-no-trace" trail techniques, including hiking and camping on durable surfaces, minimizing campfire impacts, packing out all trash, respecting wildlife, being considerate of other visitors, and leaving the environment as it was found. Take only pictures, leave only footprints, and have fun out there.