Cool Cities, Green Buildings

Cool Cities

Cool Cities is a nationwide campaign started by the Sierra Club. Motivated communities all across America have pledged to use energy efficiently and join the fight against global warming. By having your mayor sign the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement pledging to lower greenhouse gas emissions, your city can be a Cool City too!

Green Buildings

Green buildings use a combination of renewable energy and energy-efficient design to reduce energy usage.

  • The Green Building Council  has established a rating system called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to provide builders with green guidelines/standards to help developers build efficient buildings or revamp old ones. 
  • For more about the incentives in Maryland, please see: Green Building Tax Credit
  • The website of Build it Green has lots of info on green building, including sustainable building materials and life-cycle costing tools.
  • Green Roofs - Put them on your house today!  These roofs help clean the air and reduce harmful storm-water runoff.  Click here for more information about green roofs from the Maryland Department of the Environment
  • Click here for a database of green businesses and programs in the Mid-Atlantic to get you started!
Here are some useful links to check out:

 Cool Schools

 The Building Museum in Washington DC presents an ongoing green house exhibit, you can tour a geen house, learn about green materialsdiscover 20 other green houses from around the worldattend lectures...