Chapter Committees

The Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club is directed by the Executive Committee, comprising 6 At-Large Members and a Delegate from each of the local Groups. The Executive Committee maintains standing committees that operate year-round, electing a Chairperson at the start of each year, and ad hoc committees, which are formed as needed for short-term projects. Volunteers are always welcome to join these committees and to assist in achieving their goals. 

The Executive Committee appoints a Conservation Committee and specialized committees addressing different environmental issues. These committees recommend Conservation Campaigns for the Ex Com to approve. The respective committees may coordinate the related campaigns. See Conservation Campaigns for more information.

Maryland Chapter Executive Committee

Standing Committees:

Communications Committee

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee

Conservation Committee

Energy Committee

Natural Gas Committee

Outings Committee 

Membership Engagement Committee (vacant)

Ad Hoc Committees:

Nominating Committee (fall of each year)

Political Committee, formed in advance of primaries and active through elections

Legislative Committee, formed in time to prepare for and cover the Legislative Session of the General Assembly, January - April of each year

Jamboree Committee (next Jamboree will be in 2015)

Conservation Issues Committees:

Conservation Committee

Energy Committee

Natural Gas Committee

Water Committee