About Us

The Sierra Club (www.sierraclub.org) is a national environmental advocacy organization with more than 60 chapters, including at least one for every state in the US. The Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club focuses on protecting the state's natural and wildlife resources, monitoring legislation, sponsoring outings, and educating the public about pressing environmental issues (see our history). The Chapter is also responsible for the Groups that operate on the local level throughout the state.

Every year, the members of the Sierra Club in Maryland elect 3 At-Large Members to serve 2-year terms on the Maryland Chapter Executive Committee (Ex Com); the 6 At-Large Members are joined by one Delegate from each local Group.

At the same time, each local Group holds elections for new members of their Executive Committees, as specified in their respective by-laws. The Chapter and Groups form sub-committees that report to their Executive Committees -- for example, a new Nominating Committee is needed for each year's elections. The Maryland Chapter's Executive Committee creates Standing and Ad Hoc Committees that any member may join. 

The Maryland Chapter is also responsible for coordinating Conservation Campaigns in the state. All Conservation Campaigns are important, and new campaigns may be proposed by the local Groups. The most critical, however, are designated as Priority Conservation Campaigns (sometimes at the national level) and those must be considered first for adequate funding and volunteer effort.

The Chapter also promotes increased awareness of conservation issues and programs to support environmental stewardship by individuals, communities, and governmental agencies. As a grassroots advocy and lobbying organization, the Sierra Club engages in politics in order to elect officials and pass legislation likely to benefit the environment.

The Maryland Chapter maintains an office run by a small staff (see below) with the help of one or more college interns. Call, write or visit to find out what you can do, or join us on a trip to get outdoors. We welcome the involvement of all citizens, in any capacity large or small, in our mission to "Enjoy, Explore, and Protect the Planet".


Maryland Chapter Office

7338 Baltimore Avenue, #102, College Park, MD 20740. For directions, click here.

Maryland Chapter Office Staff
Office Phone (all staff): 301-277-7111

Josh Tulkin, State Director, Sierra Club Maryland Chapter
301-244-9405 cell

Laurel Imlay, Chapter Coordinator

Claudia Friedetzky, Chapter Conservation Representative (Water Issues)

David Smedick, Beyond Coal Campaign Representative

Seth Bush, Beyond Coal Organizing Representative

Candice Frederick, Administrative Assistant