Chesapeake - 2013 Fall Issue

Maryland Sierrans of All Stripes Will Come Together at the Biennial Jamboree

Hiker. Policy wonk. Habitat steward. Alternative energy champion. Paddler. Wildlands advocate. Fisher. Letter writer. Native plant gardener. Composter. Wildlife advocate. Sustainable agriculturist. Only person on your block who understands the stormwater impact fee. No matter what kind of Sierran you are, you’ll find yourself at home at the Maryland Chapter’s biennial Jamboree, October 18 through 20.


Why I’m Looking Forward to Jamboree 2013

By David Kanter—In October, 2011 I attended the Maryland Sierra Club biennial Jamboree. I learned a lot and had a great time. I even ate vegetarian for the whole weekend!


Jamboree Sampler: Check Out A Sample of What’s in Store

Camp Merrick is the ideal site for the Jamboree. It’s located in a woodland environment near the Potomac River with plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for planned bio-blitz programs, camping, canoeing, and numerous other outdoor facilities. The camp has excellent and well furnished dining, recreation and sleeping facilities which are more than adequate for the Jamboree events, rain or shine. A great facility for relaxing or enjoying a fun-filled weekend.


Jamboree Agenda


Chapter Seeking Nominees for State and Local Leadership Positions

Each year, the Maryland Chapter and our eight local groups hold elections for delegates to their executive committees. The Sierra Club is a grassroots environmental organization that elects its own volunteer leadership from among its members. Every member is entitled to vote and to run for leadership positions in the club. The executive committees elected at the state and local levels run the chapter and the local groups, and determine the policies and responses to the many environmental challenges we face in Maryland.


Reduce, Recycle, Reuse at the Jamboree Auction

Silent and live auctions are a tradition at our Maryland Chapter Jamboree and provide a way for members to reduce their inventory of stuff they no longer use, but which someone else might be delighted to have. We’re looking for items connected to the environment, nature, the outdoors—not the usual yard sale array. Camping and birding equipment is always good. Stuff used in outdoor activities, like specialized clothing, biking gear, hiking poles and the like are popular with attendees. Nature books are popular—and make Christmas gifts.