Prince George's Group

November, 2013

More than three dozen Prince George’s activists participated in November field trips to the county landfill, the single-stream recycling center, and the yard waste and pilot composting facility to learn about waste reduction efforts.  What did they take away?

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Press Release

Contacts:  Martha Ainsworth ( 301-262-8389, Anne Ambler ( 301-946-5599.


 College Park, February 23, 2014.   A survey of shoppers at five major grocery chains in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties shows the potentially large impact of a small bag fee on shopper behavior, and ultimately on plastic bag trash, in the state’s waterways.  The survey, conducted by more thn 45 Sierra Club volunteers, recorded the behavior of nearly 17,000 shoppers as they exited stores from five grocery chains in early 2014. Shoppers with bagged groceries in Montgomery County, which adopted a 5-cent fee on disposable carryout bags in 2012, were seven times more likely to use a reusable shopping bag (57%) than were shoppers in Prince George’s County (8%), which does not have a fee.

            Montgomery shoppers were also four times more likely to carry out their merchandise with no bag at all, compared with shoppers in Prince George’s County.  Taking into account both those who used reusable bags and those who used no bag at all, nearly two-thirds of Montgomery shoppers are not using disposable bags (64.5%), compared with only 12% of Prince George’s shoppers.   

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